Draft Survey

Draft Survey services in Nigeria's oil & gas industry

Tokadel Engineering & Inspections Ltd offers world-class draft Survey services in Nigeria. The purpose of a Draft survey is to determine the amount of cargo loaded or discharged for the benefit of all the interested parties. A well-conducted Draft survey of a large vessel should achieve accuracy error of about 0.5%. The final report of a Draft survey should incorporate every aspect and difficulty which has been encountered in order to convey all aspects of the survey. Its certificates are according to UN, ECE International Code.

Draft survey is an international commercial custom that traded quantities of bulk cargo such as iron ore, coal, steel scrap, grain and some specific quantities of liquid cargoes. During a Draft survey, cargo quantities are calculated based on the change of ship's drafts between different stages in the loading or discharging process by using the scales and hydrostatic property tables on board the ship. This convenient method is universally adopted as the most efficient and reliable way of measuring the cargo quantity where accurate product properties such as density and storage factors are not reliable. Cargo survey conducts Draft surveys on a variety of different ship types and cargoes. We use internationally recognized methods and modern equipment for measuring the necessary variables for an accurate outcome.

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